Corps enseignant

Since its foundation in 1987 and continuously, the teacher of the pipers and the drummers of "A Carballeira" Pipe Band has been Carlos González Pérez. His good work, his extensive musical knowledge and his love of teaching has allowed the vast majority of students who have gone through the school of pipers and drummers "A Carballeira" has acquired a solid musical foundation. That foundation is what has served many of them to graduate at different levels and professional music conservatories in various instruments such as bagpipes, percussion, clarinet, piano, violin, etc.

Also, such foundation has been essential to many members of "A Carballeira" Pipe Band that have become, in turn, teachers and experts who collaborate with Carlos González Pérez in the musical formation of the new members who, year after year, join "A Carballeira" Pipe Band.

Both Carlos González Pérez and teachers of "A Carballeira" Pipe Band teach or have taught workshops and master classes, or tune or have tuned instruments and teach or have taught bagpipe and/or percussion in various Galician pipe bands and/or Galician pipe groups around the world. A large number of schools of bagpipes and percussion require these activities daily. Currently, several of them teach in other bagpipes and drummers schools of Spain and Portugal using their residency status in Ourense, Vigo, Santiago, Salamanca, Madrid, A Coruña, Verín, etc.